How much Cheese per Person?

Determining how much cheese per person for a gathering may be hard to do at first but here are some tips that will allow you to properly estimate the quantity needed. It’s better to have a bit more than not having enough for your guests. But beside the quantity of cheese needed, you will also need to decide on how many variety of cheeses you will be serving.


Depending on the type of reception, the amount and quantity of cheeses will be different from one to another. The setting and presentation will also be different from a tasting event to end of a meal platter of cheeses. Below are some suggestions by reception types. Adapt these estimations to better suit your needs and your guests.

The weights discussed here are for one person per cheese. Multiply the weight by the number of guests and you will get the approximate total weight required for each cheeses.

Cheese Tasting

Cheese as Hors d’oeuvre, Amuse-Bouche or Appetizer

Cheese at the End of meal

There is no magic number or formula to determine how much cheese or the amount of cheeses. Keep in mind these are suggestions and many other factors may result in running out of some cheeses such as your guests hunger or their preference for a specific one. You will have to adapt to your guests and you will learn from your gatherings.


It always a good idea to provide crackers, nuts or fruits to pair with the cheeses. This should prevent your guest from just eating one cheese and they may even find interesting pairings to the less liked cheeses. Serving the cheeses by round (by taste strength, by country or whatever your decide…) will also prevent your guess from eating just one type of cheeses since once you move to another round, the previous cheeses are no longer available (extending the duration of the round for the less liked cheese is another trick).

How do you estimate how much cheese for a reception, gathering or any other social events?


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