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Box wines (also called boxed wines) have long been considered as low quality, cheap wines. However, with some well known wine producers having launch new boxed wines product lines, it’s worth giving them a second look.

Producers from Australia, France, Germany and the USA are offering some of their wines boxes for many of their advantages.



Plastic and boxes are less expensive than glass bottles, allowing the producers a higher margin of profit.

Weight, Storage & Transportation

For the same quantity of wine, box wines are lighter to carry around. But most interestingly, they are far more easier to store than glass bottles. And the fact there are less risk of the boxed wine breaking while being handle, it makes the perfect option transportation.

However not only the producers benefits from boxed wines


The cost/liter ratio is lower with boxed wine resulting in more wine per dollar for the consumers. Could be interesting if you are in a tight budget.

A 4 Litre Cask of Australian White Wine

Greater storing period once opened

Since the remaining wine in the box is not in contact with the ambient air when serving it, there is less oxidation. This allow the consumer to store the wine for a longer period of time compare to the glass bottles.


Unfortunately, boxed wines also presents some drawbacks.


Boxed wines are not intended to age and they come with a best-before date. This, with the next point below, have kept wine investors away from box wines.


Boxed wine have come a long way but their quality is not high as some glass bottled wines. But to be fair, not all wines at your local store are of great quality and the price should not be an indicator of quality since many factors directly impact it.
As more producers start offering some great young wines in boxes, the consumer’s perception will change.


Boxed wine contain more wine than the common 750ml bottle. Therefore it may not be convenient for a single person. While you may be able to store it longer, you may be tired of drinking the same wine over and over (boxed wines comes in 1.5, 3 and 5 liters). With so much wine, you may not want to try something new unless you are drinking it with a couple of friends.

Limited Choices

With the industry slowly adopting box wines, there is much less boxed wines variety compare to glass bottled wines.


Box wine still suffer from the stigma of being of poor quality wine. But with more and more producers offering them, it may take a couple of years to totally overcome this reputation. But until then, we should try to enjoy the good boxed wines currently available.
On a personal note, uncorking a glass bottle of wine isn’t the same as opening a boxed wine but wasn’t the same argument made about screw caps when the were introduced by producers?

Any box wines recommendations?


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