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The purpose of this blog is to assist you while learning and discovering more about wines and cheeses. You will find various information about each of them but also, as the site title implies, the wine and cheese pairing.

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A Quick Beginner's Guide to Wines

When I started looking into wines, I was overwhelm by the amount of books, sites and information available. The hardest ...

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Affinage, the Cheese Ripening Process

Affinage It's the process of maturation and ripening of a cheese. We are going to discuss the different stages of this ...

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How to Choose a Corkscrew?

The corkscrew should be a practical and safe tool. Many models exist but all are not equal. Here are some ...

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How much Cheese per Person?

Determining how much cheese per person for a gathering may be hard to do at first but here are some ...

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How to Serve Cheese

The cheese service after a meal is quite a common practice. At home or at the restaurant, it's always a ...

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